2018 Theme:

“Using Patents from Start-up to Exit”

Venue: The Umstead, a 5-Star Hotel, 100 Woodland Pond Dr., Cary, NC (Research Triangle Park)
Date: Tues., October 9, 2018, 12 Noon to 5:30pm (lunch included)
Reception: 5:30pm-7:30pm, includes cocktails and dinner
Registration Cost: $650

List of Speakers

JiNanGlasgow21 JiNan Glasgow George, Neo IP, Magic Number
“Patent Asset Strategy”
JiNan is CEO of Neo IP & US Patent Attorney, dedicated to maximizing IP ROI for her clients. Also co-founder of Magic Number, a company that uses AI to identify business trends using patent investment as a leading indicator of market investment.

martin Martin Renkis, Smartvue/JCI
“Machine Learning in Surveillance & Analytics”
Martin Renkis is the founder and CEO of Smartvue Corporation, a leading cloud video surveillance technology company, acquired by JCI in 1Q 2018. Smartvue provided surveillance solutions for customers worldwide.

JiNanGlasgow21 Jesse Lipson, LevitateApp
“Problem-solving for Connections”
Jesse founded Sharefile and sold to Citrix, where he served as VP Operations. In 2018 he founded LevitateApp to automate and support connections for personal and business users.

martin Taylor Brockman, Brainpower Software
“AI & Cybersecurity”
Taylor Brockman is a software expert with 15+ years of experience creating and leading ventures backed by venture capital investors.

martin Ed Braswell, G2Lytics
“AI & FinTech”
Former Founder & CEO of edo Interactive, Ed used its patent portfolio & platform to raise over $90M before exiting in 2017. He’s raised $2M for his latest venture, G2Lytics and its platform for automated detection of sales tax fraud.

martin Hill Branscomb, GeoNetwork
“Geofences and Drones”
Co-founder of GeoNetwork, based in Silicon Valley & providing the first global registry for geofences, with applications from drones to autonomous vehicles & real property rights management.

martin Fernando Murias, DGS
“Drone Detection & Wireless Communications”
PWC partner for 25 years, now CEO of DGS, Fernando is an experienced chairman and CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the wireless industry with a focus on network optimization and critical asset protection.

martin Ted Mosler, EG-Gilero
“3D Printing & Medical Devices”
An inventor of over 65 issued US patents, Ted has led the successful design and commercialization of multiple products on the market today. These include devices used in drug access and delivery, blood collection, needle safety, & urology.

Diveplane Corporation
“Artificial Intelligence”
Diveplane Corporation is a groundbreaking technology startup dedicated to keeping the humanity in AI. Their first project is an Understandable AI decision system.

*$650 Registration fee is non-refundable