multiple fields OUR TEAM HAS MULTIPLE DEGREES AND PH.D.’S ACROSS NUMEROUS FIELDS. The analysts using our technology are highly-specialized, not to mention some of the most curious, creative, proactive and brightest patent analysts and technologists in the industry. Our analysts are experts across numerous scientific and technological fields, and they analyze the mountains of data with a swift and tangible proficiency.

visualize PATENTED PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY FINDS PATTERNS AND TRENDS OTHERS MISS. It’s that simple. Our technology covers the ever-expanding patent databases and automates key steps in the process of searching, mapping, tagging, and data visualization. The resulting data is detailed and conceptualized in a way no other technology can deliver. Think of the difference in usefulness between a 20-year-old road map, and an interactive map on the internet. Our electronic capsules put perspective on data: under your control.

icon-3 OUR REPORT CONTAINS TANGIBLE ACTIONABLE IP STRATEGY. Yes, having  gifted and clever using world-class technology is important. However, providing answers with the findings is what sets us apart. Our clear, concise reports enable strategic and actionable decision-making by showing context, and tangible next steps. This action plan covers all areas of patents, partnerships, licensing, research and development, and investing opportunities.