Can Inventions Which Include Computer Automation Still be Patented?

Patent applicants who use computer automation in their inventions have worried about the effects of the Alice decision on their chances of obtaining a patent. Some degree of computer automation is arguably an improvement over traditional methods, and the Alice decision did not provide clear standards for evaluating the patentability of inventions including computer automation. […]

What Characteristic of an Invention is Most Useful in Obtaining a Patent after Alice?

Many patent applicants and patent owners have struggled to determine the exact standards the USPTO and the Federal Circuit use to determine whether inventions are patentable after Alice. However, recent decisions by the Federal Circuit suggest that one of the strongest standards has been hiding in plain sight all along. DDR Holdings recognized that a […]

What Technology is Patentable after Alice?

As mentioned in our previous post, the Federal Circuit has recently upheld a variety of “software” patents in the face of Alice challenges by accused infringers. This post gives a brief overview of the technology found to be patent eligible in the most influential post-Alice decisions. The earliest Federal Circuit case upholding a software patent […]